Logic Pro X Midi Region tempo issue

I have recorded something without thinking about the grid or tempo, so it is out of time, I know SMPTE locks the midi so when i change the tempo it will move the midi more in line with the grid and in tempo.

My issue is the start of the region also moves so the first notes that I play move in-front of where the region starts.

Is there a way to change the tempo and keep the first notes in place, so everything moves relative to that?


Pete Thomas

Staff member
Move the first note to the beginning of the region, and the region to postion bar 1.

However merely adjusting tempo will not make the notes fit the grid, unless you just happened to play (with no click) in a perfectlu uniform tempo with no changes of tempo, which is not likely.

Check out beat mapping.
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Thats the problem, already done that, so everything should move in relation to the first note, but it still moves the position of the first note, so basically everything is moving out of sync

Pete Thomas

Staff member
If all notes including first note at are locked as in the screenshot , then changing tempo will move all notes bar positions except the first note. If this is not what's happening then I don't know what is wrong, sorry.

Logic Pro XScreenSnapz007.png