Logic Pro 8 MIDI signal/sustain issue: Note (A-3)sticking will not shut off


Problem SOLVED!!!
Good info here for anyone else vexed with similar issues:
Logic stores histories of all note parameters played in its Preferences location. Access to this is through the Library directory in Mac's Finder.

First, Quit Logic - make sure it is off completely.

Goto Finder> Library> Preferences> System Configuration folder. There, listed in alphabetical order, find these settings:

1. com.apple.logic.pro.plist

2. com.apple.logic.pro.cs

3. com.apple.loginwindow.plist

Send numbers 1 & 2 to the trash - LEAVE number 3 alone.

Then restart logic & try keyboard again.
This took care of my issue - I didn't know Logic stored preference parameters from live-play this way.
- Hope this will help anyone else who come across this.

Hello everyone - While I was working with the synth patch "Curved Air" and the Sculpture plug-in, somehow Logic has stored into it's internal synths a corruption or mix-up of the MIDI signal from my S-90 Keyboard in combination with the sustain foot-switch.   

The note (A-3) stays on and will not shut off when played and also has a delayed response when played.  This now shows up with all internal synths: ESX24, Sculpture, ES2, etc., in every patch I tried with it - even after shutting down & restarting logic.  

It's just with this one note, no others.  The problem does not seem to be with my keyboard - I tested it and it works fine by itself - and works normally with Garage Band.
Would really appreciate anyone's advice here - Thanks.

I'm using an older power mac G5 2.0 and a Yamaha S-90 keyboard


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I just attempted your instructions for preventing keyboard notes from sticking and when I restarted Logic and opened my project all the plug-ins had black lines across them and the audio files would not play. All files have become this way. I worked on Logic for a year and have never seen it do this

Not only that, but when I attempt to create a new project all I'm allowed to do is create external MIDI tracks.

I'm no whiz at Logic but something is definitely wrong now and was just fine until I moved #1 & #2 to the trash.

Some help here?
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