Logic Pro 8 MIDI Stopped Working


Hi! I really need someone's help with this one because it has left me very confused:

My midi just stopped working all of a sudden, like 5 min. ago. Neither my keyboard nor my MPD will play anything. Is there some button I might have hit that makes midi not even register??

If anyone has encountered this problem, where their midi suddenly stops working completely, please be kind and help me out.
The weird thing is, when I press a key on my keyboard or MPD, it doesn't even show the name of the note I press. It's so strange because it was just working normal and then suddenly my midi stopped working and it won't even say what note I'm pressing on my keyboard or MPD.

I also know my gear isn't broken because when I open another song it works fine.

I made sure nothing is muted or on solo. The MIDI Channel in the inspector is always turned to "All".

Does anyone know of any way to fix it? A setting in MIDI perhaps? Thank you I really appreciate it!!


cmd +8 will bring up the environment window in logic.. make sure inspector is open.. select "clicks and ports" layer.. make sure cables are visible.. is there a cable going from the
"physical input" ( where your midi controller will be listed /or your midi interface)on the left to "input notes" keyboard to "input view" to the "sequencer input" on the right.. if not then connect it up
see pic 2

do you get notes in the input view if you play the keyboard?

have you checked your audio/midi setup in the Utilities folder of the Applications folder?



Definitely check the Clicks and Ports layer first thing. If this looks okay, then as leytonnz suggests, check the Audio MIDI Setup. I find sometimes if you hit the rescan button on the MIDI page, it jolts the system back to life.


Ha here is what happened!

I already know about the Environment window, I have a cable switcher going into a chord memorizer and then into the sequencer input. This is for my Ultrabeat setup, so I can trigger two drums by hitting one pad. This is how I layer my drums.

Anyways, I somehow clicked that cable switcher so it wasn't going into the chord memorizer, thus no sound.

You all put me in the right direction to figuring it out. I can't believe I didn't see that on my own though. From now on, my Environment Window will be one of the first places I check when I'm having technical difficulties. Ha now I can go back to becoming a super producer. Thanks a million!


If the problem with MIDI is only in that one song, and the problem persists, I would assume that one of the the MIDI files was not good. This never happened to me in Logic Express 7, it started when I got Express 8. I have made it a habit to make a copy of MIDI files to have a replacement ready if one goes bad and doesn't play anymore.

Peter Ostry

Staff member
Anyways, I somehow clicked that cable switcher so it wasn't going into the chord memorizer, thus no sound.
You might want to check the settings of this cable switcher, there was probably a regular MIDI message causing the unwanted state. If you don't need to switch it remotely it is best to set its input filter to "Fader". This message type can never come from the ooutside.