Logic Pro 7 & earlier Midi syncing on Logic 7 (for Mac)


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Hi all,

My band and I have been trying to figure out the best way to play live to backing parts and a click. We overcame the problem of our drummer not being able to hear the click when it was played back from the Logic session, by having him use the click on his eletronic drum-kit console (Yamaha DTX550K) and then midi-syncing the console to our Logic session.

This worked fine until we started trying to play non-stop music and wanted to include transitions between songs and we tried to construct one long Logic session with all the backing parts for our various songs on it lined up one after another. We didn't want to open a new session for each song which would prevent continuous playing (as currently my drummer is also the backing parts guy).

The obvious problem was tempo change and how to have midi tempo change signals within Logic, that would also get the Yamaha DTX550K to follow these tempo changes - no success so far. Although Logic itself manages the tempo changes fine, it simply doesn't translate on the Yamaha console which just continues to play the original tempo set. Aaaargh! Please help!!! :brkwl:

Is this something that can be remedied within Logic itself or is it a drum console issue (bear in mind we have looked over and over the manual and found nothing useful).