Logic Pro MIDI Time Out?


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Hi Everyone,

I've been getting the dreaded MIDI Time out please update your drivers message. And Logic is just freezing up instantly now with one click of the mouse and giving me the endless colored spinning wheel.

I've been using M-Audios UNO, which only has software avail up to
OS 10.6.8. I wanted to make sure that I'm pretty much out of options before I run out and get a new MIDI interface.

The only reason I've had some hesitation is that my Logic 8 worked fine for several months on OS 10.8.4 before deciding give me the MIDI time out error, and Logic X even worked fine the last few days before deciding to do it too.

My Mac Pro is also getting old and tired after 5 years so there could be several reasons why the MIDI isn't working. I'm already resigned to getting a new Interface and Driver if that's what its going to take to get back to work ASAP.

Thanks for your input!

Just a thought, i had the same with Onyx 1220i mixer, and was advised to chuck out some old drivers, did that, it worked, but later same thing happened, and i had to bomb it and start again. Ater a few infuriating similar happenings i realised that this happened whenever i disconnected the usb, and reconnected it lat on assuming incorrectly that I could plug in and play. It was apparently important to get the sequence of connection and start up correct; i have not had that Midi Timeout message since! 😉 hope this helps
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I'm getting 'midi time out' if I use the 'capture last take' shortcut... and it crashes logic & forces me to reboot. I will let you know if I find a fix.

2008 mac pro 2x2.66 Quad core xeon.
Logic 10.0.3
Lynx Aurora x2.
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