Logic Pro 9 MIDI timeout error- subsequent session rebuild. Techniques?

I am sure I am one of many people who from time to time get this dreaded message. If I am working on a complex session with maybe 60 tracks and instruments, folders, plugs ins, aux strips, channel settings and automation, and the session corrupts, it can take a couple of hours to rebuild the session in another arrange.

Is there anything I've managed to miss here? Perhaps there is a function in Logic which will rebuild my session somehow? Yes? No?

Would love any advice that anyone has on speedily resuming creativity. It can be a real passion killer when you're on a deadline and things were just about finished.


I work with a number of LA composers who have huge templates often with 350 or more tracks, all the 64 auxes are used as live inputs, etc, very complex stuff. I can't remember a time when someone brought up this as a common issue.

I suspect it's a bad plug-in (G-Player is known to be funky and cause issues with VSL) that you are putting into your session, and it is causing the issue.

My suggestion: take a close look at what you are doing, what plug-ins you are putting into your session, ram amounts (Activity Monitor in the utilities folder is great for this), etc. Usually it is a definable problem (it is repeatable) that can be discovered by careful observation.

I understand that having someone say this can be both distressing, and also hopeful. It is something specific with your system, and therefor it can be resolved.

Have you: tried deleting your prefs, repaired disc permissions, does the session that gets corrupted crash first? These are first call suggestions when issues show up.

You are also not mentioning anything specific about your system: Mac Model Ram, drives, OS number... all these things can help, but by making a comment on an issue without this stuff is like a bit futile. Not enough background.

Anyways, there is some things to look at and think about for now. Pleas let me/us know more details about your system, and when the issue happens (after I go over 2.4 GB ram, when I add 6 instances of omnisphere, whatever you can see that might be causing the issue.

This is not a common issue. At least not in my experience with about 10 or more guys (and girls) that I work with on a somewhat regular basis.
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