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H1 All,
I have an environment for my Alesis QS7, and so I have 16 QS MIDI tracks in my arrangement. Each song has its own QS multitimbral mix. In the one I'm working on now ( it happens to be channel 8 in the Arrange window) MIDI track 1 in my QS mix is called Stereo Piano. But when I record on that channel, the header on the recorded track says "clavinet." I think this must have something to do with General MIDI, but shouldn't I be able to name the track whatever I like? Does anyone know how I can rename the track to be whatever QS patch I'm using? It's a small thing, but irritating. I'd really appreciate any help you might be able to offer.
When you say you "have an environment for [your] Alesis QS7," does that mean you downloaded it, or that you created it? Whichever, if you open your environment window, and switch to the layer that contains the "multi" instrument for your QS7, try double-clicking on the "multi" icon. It should open the listing of all the General MIDI voices, but you can rename them to match the voices in your QS7, if that's what you want. I will switch from my PC and capture/upload a Logic screen to see if that answers your question.
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Ok. Here is a screenshot from my Mac:


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