Logic Pro X Midi Transpose at Track Level

Hi guys. I'm new to Logic from some 10+ yrs using Cubase. One thing I'm struggling to figure out is track level transposition. I play saxophone (Bb) and to save learning a song in two keys I often used the transpose feature on a piano midi track in Cubase (set to -2) so that the piano was in same key as sax. How do I do this in Logic Pro X ? I've found how to transpose by +-12,36 but for some reason you can set this to number in between whole octaves ??? Obviously I can transpose after the fact too, but that is a pain on so many fronts. I don't want to see the piano-roll showing a Bb where I have played a C (even though it is sounding a Bb) - reason being is just simplicity (say I wanted to make an edit, well if the piano roll has shifted all down 2 steps then I have to start thinking in a different key). Any help greatly appreciated, I've only had logic a few days and already I'm in love with it, so hoping to overcome the few issues I've had.
Welcome to Logic X! There are two separate issues here, one to actually change the key of the piano part, and the other to change the displayed key in the score, and each requires a different feature in Logic: First, to change the key by a non-octave increment, find the place under Region in the top left of your screen where it says Transpose, and instead of clicking the little up/down arrows, double click the space to the left of them. The space should change to an input field where you can type in -2 or whatever you want. Now open up the piano part in the Score window, and sure enough, your piano part is now displaying in the wrong key, so select the Staff Style (labelled 'Style' - it may already show as Piano) and select Duplicate Style from the bottom of the column. Now you have a duplicate of the Piano score style called Piano*copied. Click on that again, and this time select Open Staff Style Window: here you can change the name and select the appropriate Transpose, size, etc. for the style to be displayed and printed. HTH!
Thanks for the reply Sonny :eek:)
I'll give that a go.
So far, 99% of stuff has been way easier in LPX compared to Cubase, so I guess it's ok that there are some things that aren't as easy.
First in order to see the many areas of the guy where one could input values ( and don't know about it) you can go to preferences->display-> general and enable show default values. This will then make visible the transpose dropdown that you may have not known was there ( it is - just not visible.) - to duplicate the functionality you had in cubase - just set the transpose to -2 region defaults ( no midi region selected) and when you play a C on the piano it will sound and display as a Bb in the piano roll. See example below