Logic Pro 9 MIDI velocity EVP88


I have two small questions, if anyone knows. I sometimes use an old Roland JV1000 to play the EVP88 but when I play soft, the EVP88 will be quiet. If I should want quiet, I would not press the key so: is there a way to set the MIDI velocity so it never hits silence? I can raise the velocity up but then everything will be harder and I don't want that. I need the opposite of velocity-limit whereas notes lower than limit will be ignored. I need to set MIDI so if a key is being pressed, at least give it a value of (something).

2 Is there a way to lengthen and shorten MIDI-notes at the same time in the piano-roll? If I have two chords and want to move the shifting of the chords, I first shorten chord#1 and then lengthen chord#2. I'd kinda wanna do it in one go. If I select both chords and move the second chord forward, both chords will be lengthen. So can I lengthen the second and shorten the first?
Hi Ming,

1. Try setting up a transformer before the EVP 88 and set the field in the operations row that corresponds to the note velocity values to "scale" so the velocities can be scaled. You can even set it up in your clicks and ports layer between the physical input and the sequencer object. This way it will compensate for your keyboard no matter what instrument you are playing.

2. Not sure if there is a way to do this automatically. I know in the Arrange Window, you can resize the boundary between two regions and have it affect the two at the same time. But I'm not sure if this applies in the Piano Rill editor. And I'm not in front of Logic at the moment to check...
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OK thanks, I'll try to scale it in the transformer. I have managed to do some useful things with the transformer, a bit more tricky but doable.
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Actually I did have one more question about Logic's String ensemble. Sometimes the attack on the full strings are to slow and the envelope is sort of growing. What I do now when I need fast attack with more bite is to reverse the samples in the edit-window and then slow down the attack a bit until they get smooth enough. (At least it's a work around). There isn't a simple way to alter "slow-fast attack" with the MIDI controls that I have overlooked or doesn't know about is there?
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