Hey all, I'm pretty new to production and I'd like to get to know a lot about MIDI mapping. Does anyone know of any good resources regarding this topic? I have a fairly good understanding and was able to understand most of the Akai MPK Mini II Editor, there is just a lot I would still like to learn about the deeper parts of MIDI mapping like CC and PC. Thanks!

Peter Ostry

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I think you know the Wikipedia MIDI page?
There is a lot of information. Maybe too much and partially too technical.
Some numbers are written hexadecimal, you can convert them with an online tool.


MIDI knows three event types with 3-digit syntax (Channel/Number/Value):

Note1-160-1270-127(1 61 23) Channel 1, Note C#3, Velocity 23.
Control Change1-160-1270-127(5 2 46) Channel 5, Number 2, Value 46.
Polyphonic Aftertouch1-160-1270-127(1 61 77) Channel 1, Aftertouch for Note C#3, Value 77.

And three event types with 2-digit syntax (Channel/Value):

Program Change1-160-127(1 22) Channel 1, Program 22.
Pitch Bend1-160-127(5 89) Channel 5, Pitchbend 89 (value 64 is neutral = no bend).
Channel Aftertouch1-160-127(1 77) Aftertouch for all notes on Channel 1, Value 77.

Note: The Logic MIDI Environment knows an additional proprietary event called "Fader". It exists only in Logic, is used for internal processing and control, and has the same syntax as Control Change.

With software you can transform one message into another. For messages with the same syntax this is easy, if you transform to a different syntax you lose one number or have to create one number.

RPN (Registered Parameter Number) and NRPN (Non Registered Parameter Number) are special messages and combinations of CCs to address a large range of parameters in soft- and hardware.

Another speciality is System Exclusive. A SysEx message is a row of numbers which can be quite long. The first digit (number 240) and the last digit (number 247) are necessary and tell start and end of the SysEx message. The numbers in between are up to the developer.

When you deal with MIDI, you should have the valuable Snoize MIDI Monitor.
It shows you all events to, in and from your computer.

Some software for MIDI processing:
Logic MIDI Environment
Subtlesoft MidiPipe (freeware to convert, filter and generate MIDI)
Plogue Bidule (graphical programming environment for MIDI and audio)
Cycling '74 Max (graphical programming environment for MIDI, audio and video)

Hope this helps for a good start.


MIDI mapping usually refer to connect or link a MIDI message (event such as a note, or a continuous controller "CC") to a parameter (i.e. LFO rate) in order to control it (i.e. via a device such as a keyboard or its modulation wheel) for creative purpose. PC (program change message/event) are usually reserved/used to trigger a preset (or setup) global change in a (group of) synth(s) / plugin(s) or an entire system.
The MIDI mapping could be done in various ways. Some (3rd party) plugin will feature that possibility to customize same internally. In Logic, the Smart Control is (one of) an effective way(s) available, reminiscent from MainStage, although less deeply implemented.
Refining your question could help us providing more coherent info...