Logic Pro 9 Migrating From Nuendo-Logic Equivalent of Fading in Cubase/Nuendo


Having been a long time Steinberg user i felt the need to change package once i saw some of Logics new features and tried the stock plugins and instruments.. However one thing i found very useful in Cubase/Nuendowas the ability to make quick fades to audio regions in the project window by simply adjusting the handles to the left and right of a part. What is the Logic equivalent?


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There are a couple of ways to apply fades to audio regions in Logic. The older way is to use the settings in the inspector in the upper left hand corner of the arrange window. Select the region, you can then choose fade in, fade out, cross fade, curve. The newer method is to use the crossfade tool. Press esc and the cursor will open a list of tools, select the crossfade tool then drag from the left into the region to create a fade in, or from the right into the end of the region to crearte a fade out. Once you have your fade at the right length, place the cursor over the fade, click hold and drag to change the fade curve as required.

Let me know if this doesn't make sense, I can post some screenshots to illustrate.

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Just to add to what Mark has already said: there is also a new mode in Logic 9 now, that can be set in the Editing pane of the "General" preferences tab, whereby the regular pointer tool will automatically switch to the fade tool when it is in the correct zone in relation to the region start or end boundaries. So, no need to switch tools manually.

It also toggle with the marquee tool automatically in this mode - depending where in the region the cursor is placed. I personally like this new functionality, although it does take a while to get used to; and works best if you are at medium to high zoom levels.
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