MIO Configuration & Routing


Hello Everyone from new and green MH fan.

I'm having a rough time getting my head around some of the routing in the MIO console and hoping for insight. (I've read the manual and watched the videos but for some reason whenever I try to configure the console.. somethings not right). Of coarse the Basic templates work out of box but any configuration beyond that... well... fail.

First of all, my MH hardware is:

ULN-2 2d
2882 2d

Clocked via AES with ULN2 being the master

Do I need to Aggregate the boxes in Audio MIDI setup for Logic to see all the INs/Outs? just need to make sure.

Next is the Configuration for the outputs, Inputs are no problem:

ULN-2 Monitor outs to my Monitors, which is Analog 1/2 in the MIO and subsequently Outs 1/2 in Logic.

Here is where I get tripped up:

for the 2882 the 8 outputs, I would like to feed them to my Folcrom for Summing.
In Logic: I have them set as Outputs 3 thru 10 and in the MIO they are DAW 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 to 2882 Analog 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

I then add a test Osc in each track but I get no sound from the 2882 - Meters on the MIO do nothing and output meters on the 2882 definitely do nothing.

So where am I going wrong with this configuration?
Thanks Allen

Attached is just channel one of the 2882 out to the Folcrom. I think I'm misunderstanding a fundamental concept of the MIO console even though Figure 2.31 in the MIOUsersGuide makes complete sense.


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Ok seems to be working just fine... although please take a look at my MIO configuration to see if I can do things different and better. But within Logic I went to Options>Audio>I/OLabels and found the 2882 analog output assignments were output 19 thru 36.

Theres a lot of information within the I/OLabels.. FW assignments & DAW for routing.