Mio Console Beta Version


Hi there!

I am using the beta version of mio console which I downloaded a few days ago.

There are a few great problems which came up since I use it:

1st. When I try to Change loudness on the Monitor Controler loudness jumps to the loudest Position by clicking the mouse - you know what that means!;(

Question: Is there a Way how i can Set the maximum loudness which cannot be changed by the fader of the Monitor Controller?

I just mixed some drums and basstracks using Logic and Mio connect. When I push the faders of the busses up in the Mio Mixer there is a sizzling Noise on my Monitors. First I thought it comes only from my Monitors but i also hear this sizzling Noise on the Final bounces...

Hope there is anybody who can help?

Thanks in Advance!!!!

Allen Rowand

Do this:
Make sure MIO Console is not running, then open a Finder window and go to /Library/Preferences in your user folder. Delete any files with "MIOConsoleStatev2" in the name. In the MIOConsole Preferences folder, delete the "MIO Console State" file. This will clear the stored information from MIO Console.

If this doesn't solve the problem, get back in touch with support; something is not right with your installation.

There is currently no way to set a maximum in the Monitor Controller.