MIO Console v5.4 available!

Allen Rowand

We're pleased to announce the release of version 5.4 of MIO Console! Notable features are:

- Support for Infrared remote control on ULN-8 and LIO-8
- Support for demoing +DSP and TransientControl licenses
- Support for licensing TransientControl without having to purchase +DSP
- Brand new, comprehensive documentation in PDF format
- Support for in-console registration of hardware
- Support for in-console management of software licenses
- Improved stabilty when running with multiple CoreAudio clients
- An improved firmware upgrade experience
- Support for reseting MIO hardware via software command
- Improvement in the performance and workflow of the Monitor Controller
- Enhanced support for undo/redo
- Enhanced support for SMPTE TC (including HD timecode)
- Enhanced workflow features
- Resolution of a large number of corner-case bugs
- Fixes for handling of international text in certain cases

Mobile I/O v.5.4 provides a number of major new features and literally hundreds of fixes for mostly small (and a couple of big, but rare) issues that have been encountered since the release of 5.3, and implements infrastructure to allow us to add more useful features in the future.

Find out more at Metric Halo!