MIO Console v5.6.01 available

Allen Rowand

MIO Console v5.6.01 is available for download at http://mhsecure.com/metric_halo/support/downloads.html.

This maintenance update includes the following changes and bugfixes -

• Added ConsoleSync "On Launch" behaviors to MIO Console preferences
• Added ConsoleSync preferences to MIO Console preferences
• Added ConsoleConnect support for 64 bit VST hosts
• Enabled Retina support for MIO Console
• Updated firmware version to 5.0.44

• Fixed a bug where the I/O insert routing was not correctly updated
• Fixed a bug where the I/O insert could not be instantiated on an aux bus
• Fixed a crash where the +DSP noise generator plug-in would stop output if the interface's sample rate
• Fixed a crash when loading factory default mixer for an unknown box type
• Fixed grunge that occurs on some hardware with ConsoleSync
• Protect against a crash when we have a failed instantiation on change of width of mixer strip
• Disable trying to load the DSP Load percentage from an offline box
• Properly track output path settings so that console does not offset the trim on outputs when loading
back from hardware
• Reset Analog I/O configuration and refresh MIO Console window when loading Factory Default state
• Fix corruption of HW gains by Monitor Controller when box state is preloaded from prefs state and then
is loaded back from HW via ConsoleSync
• Ensure that MIO Console respects eLoadLastStateWithoutConsoleSync when the hardware is in the Fac- tory Default state
• Workaround for failed flash update when hardware sees stuck bits in DRAM
• Fix crash that could occur if no box is selected in MIO Console Window
• Select newly discovered box in MIO Console window if there are were no boxes in the system
• Update compatibility version number of boot-states in firmware

This version fixes the issues that have been reported in v5.6, and includes changes to ConsoleSync based on user feedback. We encourage all users to upgrade to this version.