MIO Console v5.6 available!

Allen Rowand

Metric Halo is pleased to announce the immediate availability of MIO Console v.5.6, a free software upgrade for all users of the Mobile I/O family of audio interfaces, including the award-winning 2882, ULN-2, LIO-8 and ULN-8.

v.5.6 includes the following new features:
  • I/O inserts for accessing external hardware from within the MIO Mixer
  • ConsoleSync hardware/software synchronization technology
  • AAX ConsoleConnect plug-in for compatibility with Pro Tools 11
  • Saving of System Boot States
  • Support for EuCon 3.0

In addition to these new features, v.5.6 continues to improve stability and compatibility with current and future versions of Mac OS X, from 10.6.8 to 10.8.x and beyond.

ConsoleSync is a unique enhancement to the Mobile I/O family that benefits both new and experienced users. ConsoleSync allows MIO Console to read the complete state of any attached hardware seamlessly, automatically and without any disruption of running audio.

ConsoleSync auto loads the mixer configuration, complex signal processing chains, Monitor Controller settings, analog I/O configuration and even window layout from the hardware.

With ConsoleSync, new users will experience a dramatically reduced learning curve for accessing the power of MIO Console.

Experienced users will value the ability to have MIO Console re-connect to the hardware with exact recall of the current hardware state and no disruption of audio. For live sound and monitoring applications this allows the user to disconnect and reconnect the computer or quit and launch MIO Console without being concerned about introducing dropouts to ongoing primary and backup recordings or to the monitoring paths for talent.

I/O inserts streamline the use of external analog and digital processors within the MIO mixer. This new feature also allows inserting processors that are hosted on the computer directly within the signal flow of the MIO low-latency hardware mixer. This enables the use of host-based reverbs and delays with greatly simplified routing.

This free upgrade continues the Metric Halo tradition of adding value to the Mobile I/O platform as well as enhancing the product for new users and is available immediately from http://mhsecure.com/metric_halo/support/downloads.html