Logic Pro 8 missing instrument patches - why?


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Just got off phone w/ Apple support to learn that I can pay $199. to get a troubleshooting question answered. So I reckon any help on the following is worth $199 to me...

I'm missing several Logic instrument patches from my Library (eg Pop Piano, Fretless Bass), where clicking on them comes up w/ "can't find..." Before I give up and just re-load all 6 or so install disc's, any idea what's going on? I'm confident I wouldn't have intentionally deleted a (lovely) sound file from the hundreds of instruments I get, so presumably another sad instance of user error.

Thanks for any thoughts

Peter Ostry

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Maybe an incomplete installation, happens sometimes. You don't need to do a full install with all discs again, just the content.

Err ... I hope Logic 8 has a content disc? I don't remember.
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Colin Shapiro

The "Pop Piano" you're talking about - was it an EXS24 instrument or a channel strip?

I see I have a channel strip here called Pop Piano:
Mac HD/Library/Application Support/Logic/Channel Strip Settings/Instrument/v7 factory/01 Pianos

I also recall that some time ago, a Logic update wiped out several old EXS24 instruments like Pop Flute and Jazz Kit (if I recall correctly). I managed to get them back from my old install disks.

Also, you can avoid re-installing everything. Get Pacifist:
It's a shareware app that lets you look into pkg files and just take out what you need.
VERY useful app!!

Hope this helps.......
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