Logic Pro 8 Missing Logic Studio Plugins & Logic constantly re-loading samples

I have recently installed an official copy of Logic Studio 8.02 on a brand new Nehalem Quad core Mac Pro running Leopard 10.5.6 and have discovered these problems
1. I am missing two of the native Logic plugins.
Namely Enhance Timing from the Specialized menu and Ducker from the Dynamics menu.
How can this be??
And how can I obtain them???
Anyone else encountered missing Logic plugins in this way before?
2. If I 'hit' apple s to save, after making any change in a project, the play is interrupted by Logic reloading all it's samples!!!
I never suffered this annoying delay in earlier versions of Logic prior to 7 so why now? It seems to have carried over from 7 to 8.
It also occasionally happened on my G5 using Logic Pro 7, before I got my new Mac Pro.
Can anyone please help me???
Perhaps they have been renamed? I don't have these either and I upgraded. Maybe you are referring to Specialized > Grooveshifter. You can easily do ducking using the compressor with a sidechain. Sorry if this is way off base.
Thanks for the reply but no, that's not it at all!
Under the Specialized menu there should be 6 plugins not 5, which is all I have.
Grooveshifter and Enhance Timing are supposed to both be there. :-(
I only discovered it while working in a pals studio on a session.
I jammed a quick sixteen single note riff on an acoustic guitar which sounded tight but had a little swing to it.
He rolled out the Enhance Timing plugin and brought it closer to metronomic!!
So I thought, 'wow! haven't noticed that plug before. I'll try it when I get home'.
No chance.
It's not in my list of Specialized plugs! :-(
Crap, that's something we need in Logic. ProTools does this. I'd really like to get to the bottom of this question, for sure! It would help with a lot of session work. It could have saved me about 50+ hours with audio loop quantization for countless remixes. Now I'm pissed tool, haha! Really!
Yeah I know.
I quite often jam an idea down quickly and recyle it or chop it but this is like an quick fix that let's you control how much tighter it makes it.
Doesn't work for everything apparently, but if it's kinda rhythmic it can get in the spaces and pull it tighter.
But have you actually checked in your Specialized menu of Logic plugins to see if yours is actually missing?
You might have it.... my pal has and check this link http://www.ehow.com/video_2389995_enhance-timing-plugin-logic-pro.html
Yes, I definitely checked. Neither is there. I swear this would have saved me so much insanity. Thanks for giving me a reason to be livid at Logic, lol. Somebody help. Tell us how to recover these plugins. :p
Well my pal (the one who showed me the plugin in the first place) has solved part of the mystery!!
Enhance Timing can only be used in the first plugin slot. ie not after an eq or reverb etc...
So if you need to use it, put it first in the fx chain :)
As for Ducker, that's still a mystery, though probably a similarly solved one, unless it's ducked out altogether hahaha :)
Have fun with E T!
Although, now that I think about it, it would be nice to have a plugin that simply reduces the volume when a side chain signal is detected rather than compression.

OK, you talked me into it. I want my ducker plugin!
.. this reloading of samples-issue is something that bugs me as well. it happens from time to time. sometimes core-audio initializes again, and i´ve got no clue why. time consuming things when arrangements are filled with loads of plugs and samples.
I don't know if this helps - found out, that the ducker is only available in Aux Channels - I got it on a Stereo Aux - but yes it is not available aon normal audio-tracks. But now the weired thing: as soon as I set a side chain, and the channel is on solo, the sidechain signal is beeing heard ...... not so on the comp plug - so this might be a bug....