Logic Pro 9 missing software instruments

Hi people,

I haven't used Logic 9 in a few years (and I do not have Logic X). I am on a 2015 Imac with OS 10.11.6.

(1) When I opened a Logic Pro 9 project from 2014 last night, the Media/Library didn't show 99% of the software instruments that come with Logic. How do I make them appear back again in this project? It does show me all the Apple Loops (Jam Pack 1, etc) a ailable, but not the midi instruments, just a few keyboards under Library. I was connected to a MIDI keyboard at the time.

Just to check, I also looked in other older projects, and in those, clicking on Media then on Library DOES show me all the software instruments.

(2) Also, I can't remember how to connect to my East West Quantum Leap virtual libraries, maybe 30GB of good patches that I can't (or can't remember how to) access. I think it was under the channel strip on the left side of the screen - but nothing there works. Yes, Iwas connected to the Ext HD and with the USB product Key.

(3) Last question - is it true that Apple no longer supports Logic at all???

Thanks, DM
Sorry I can't help out, but I have been fortunate to have some good teachers at the Apple store near me. Musicians and Logic Users who host classes. I sign up for the free classes " Today At Apple" and they've bailed me out more than once. I highly recommend. If you're near some Apple Stores.