Mix Engineer required

Rus hol

Hi, I am making about 7 songs which will be played on a very small PA but I estimate this will grow as the tour progresses.

All songs have been created on logic and the current mix stage isn't miles away from where the finished product should be, I just can't mix at an acceptable level- that final touch.

I have printed all individual tracks with processing and they're all in pretty good shape so I would like someone to bring everything up to standard so I don't get any nasty surprises when I'm playing everything on different sound systems.

This is a budget project so it's not for over billing, under-delivering mix engineers I am looking for someone honest who can get the job done, efficiently and within reason..I am not looking for miracles or perfection just a standard I can rely on through multiple sound systems.

I am flexible and can send some final bounces to quickly asses before any proceedings, then further do anything you requite me to do, i.e. comping, editing, further preparing the session how you require, etc.

Looking forward to getting some better mixes,


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Hi, what is your mix budget? I can render at standardized RMS levels with 3 revisions on each song included in the package.

Any insights/notes you can give would be beneficial as well,