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How do you to mix down a multi-track recording to a stereo master in .wav format, so that you can then edit it? Logic forces me to save in other formats (and it calls that process 'bouncing' for some obscure reason). Does it not come with a 2-track editor? If you remove sections from a multi-track recording, all sorts of horrible things happen to the automation and sync. I picture a multitrack Studer, a mixer, a ReVox 2-track machine and a razor blade. Logic doesn't seem to offer the virtual equivalent. Any help appreciated.
Hi - You've just about got it. It is the bounce function (name comes from analog tape days before big multitracks when we had to "bounce" 3 tracks down to a 4th so we could then re-use the three for more tracks)(and we liked it!). You will need to set a few options to get there, but not many. See the example below.
Make sure that the "destination" is checked for "PCM"
On the right, change file format to "Wave"
Select your options for bit rate and sample rate (16/44100 for "CD quality")
and make sure you have selected the entire mix you want to bounce.

Then choose your folder location, and bob's your uncle.



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Oh yes, and if you check the add to audio bin, then you'll see the new wave file in your bin with this project. Then you could drop it on a new stereo audio track, mute all the other tracks, and edit it in place. Probably, a better option would be to open a new project for the mixed down master, and do your edits there. That way, you don't risk accidentally mucking up the multitrack version in case you decide you need to make changes on individual tracks later.
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Mixing and Bouncing

Thanks v. much for this. I have now successfully created a 2-track wave 'bounce', and I'll go ahead and do what you suggested with the bin. Great!
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