Mixing Board Firewire Interface


I am looking to purchase a mixing board style interface that doubles as a stand alone mixer for use with Logic 8 (later 9). I'll use it in a school situation so I want the kids to have more of a "hands on" experience with the mixing board in Logic and also to use as a separate mixing board if needed. It HAS to be firwire. I have seem Mackie Onyx but I hear they have serious problems and then there's Yamaha N8 or N12. I have the M-Audio Project Mix but it can't be used as a separate mixing board. Major bummer! Any suggestions?
What sort of budget do you have to spend on this? Would it stretch to the Tascam DM 3200? That has a good reputation, and can be fitted with a firewire card.

I should in fairness mention that I don't have any hands on experience with that desk and logic.

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Thanks for the reply. Budget is not necessarily an issue. I was thinking something smaller with fewer inputs, say 4 - 8. If I go for something like the Tascam (I am not a big fan of Tascam but that's from a perspective of using their equipment many years ago), I might as well go for the Yamaha 01v96 or 02r96? Again, I wanted a few inputs. I want this to be fairly portable. I am learning the difference between the controller (motorized faders and full integrating with the software) and a firewire mixing board. I guess I am asking for both. I had a digi002 and it worked great with ProTools, obviously, but wasn;t compatible with Logic. The 002 could also be used as a stand alone mixing board. I suppose I go check out the TDM pages. Thanks!
If you have the monex to spend, by all means look at the Yamaha mixers - don't forget the DM 1000 as well.

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