Logic Pro X Mixing Problem

Having a confusing time mixing a song. Tried reading the manual and it's not explaining my problem clearly. I learned on my own that using Touch or Latch are the modes to use. My problem is this: As the song is playing I'm raising or lowering the Bass Trombone fader to make adjustments. When I go back to the very beginning of the song, the Bass Trombone fader jumps all the way to the top...not very good. How do I get it to stay in the position that I want before I press play? I also seem to have the same problem through out the song. The Bass Trombone (or any other instrument for that matter) will move up and not stay in the position that I left it at.
Thanks for any help.
Hi !
Sounds to me like you have automation on each track (for the volume) and so Logic adjusts every level as you begin the song.
If you have automation activated on all your tracks, my simple question is why?
You only need it if you like to play around with the volume level at different parts of the song.


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Open the track automation in the lane (keyboard shortcut 'a'). This will provide a graphic representation of the track's automation. In your situation, you want to be sure "volume" is selected. When you recorded the volume automation, it is possible that the beginning of the song recorded at full volume and that is why the faders return there on playback. Simply drag the automation point at the beginning of the track to the desired level.
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jrm: you just made me aware of the automation window and solved my problem. I have never opened the automation window before. Now I know what to do if this happens again. Always learning something.