Logic Pro 8 mixing sample rates


you are not supposed to mix sample rates in one project and Logic tries to protect you if you go to File>Project Settings>Assets and check the appropriate box. I have done that and still am importing 44.1 on a 48K project. Logic isn't showing any conversion in the Audio window. Does anybody know what's up with that and how to work around it?
doesn't anyone have an answer for this?

Sorry, but I was hoping that someone in the group had run across this issue before. If you have and you have any ideas as to an answer, I would greatly appreciate it. Hope to hear from someone soon, as it is of practical importance. Thanx
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Hi nooknose,

Make sure the assets section of your project settings are set to convert sample rate when importing. There is a specific check box that needs to be enabled. It looks like this:


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Thanx Eli - different sample rates

Thanx Eli
I am aware of that area and have checked that as well, but it still comes in at 44. Wondering if they are differentiating 'audio' from 'apple loops' and maybe the apple loops won't show up as a change. Are you actually able to see a change in your audio window, or does it still register as 44 if the original was at 44.
Thanks for trying to help. Would appreciate a follow up if you are able.
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I'm not sure about Apple Loops, but with regular audio files you can definitely see the new sample rate in the Audio Bin info.

For apple loops, why not just drag them in from your loops browser rather than importing them?

Also, just to cover the obvious; are you certain your project is set up at 48k?
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different sample rates

THanx Eli
Yes, my project is at 48K, but even when I drag the loop directly to the Audio Window or the Arrange, it still shows up as 44.1. I'm beginning to think that it must be that the loops can be maleable enough that it can switch to 48 K? What else to think. Eli, when you drag a loop directly and your project is 48, don't you see it as 44.1 in your Audio Window? And I'm also checking the Asset part to tell it to make any audio 48. Again, maybe Apple Loops ain't just any audio. I'd be curious to know what happens when you drag. Sorry for the inconvenience, but thankyou for taking the time.
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Okay, I just set up a project at 48k. I imported a 44.1k audio file and it got converted as expected. And it dispalyed in the audio bin as expected, at the new sample rate.

I dragged a loop in from the loop browser. It played back perfectly in the Arrange Window. In the audio bin however, it still displayed as a 44.1k file.

So, it seems this is the way apple loops behave. I don't really see it as a problem though. What's the difference; as long as it works. If you really want to have the file at 48k; you could always either bounce it to a new audio file or convert region to new audio file. I just tried bounce in place (control B by default) and it worked fine - it bounced it to a new audio file at 48k.
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Thanks Eli - Sample rates

You are absolutely right about whether it works or not - in terms of importance. BUT, the reason I needed to know what/if there was a problem is that I teach Logic at the college level and I was trying to explain this in my notes when I realized that it didn't convert. So, I now know that I can tell them that 'audio' will convert, but loops don't have to. And if we really want them to, there is that work around. I didn't want to be embarrassed by stating one thing and then becoming dumbfounded when I tried to show it. I now understand, and I appreciate all of your help.
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