Mixup of Login/password


Hoping a LUG administrator can straighten out a Login/password mixup on my end.
I want to continue as LogicChallenged. Was working fine, with automatic pw fill in, but I mistakenly signed out and now can't bring back pw.
when I go to pw reset, it gets mixed up with LogicJam (my older account)
In the meantime, signing in with LogicJam works... but I miss out out on some threads that have been started.
So, can I get the LogicChallenged pw back. ?
It can all go thru my email, as registered on the site.

Pete Thomas

Staff member
The only way to get a password back is to use the password form. Admin don't have access to your password.

However I suggest we just merge the accounts as there is no reason to have two. I will merge them together, and your password from LogicJam will remain, but username will be LogicChallenged.

Let me know i that is correct.