Logic Pro 9 MMC and MTC being sent properly from Logic?


I'm running an app (Virtual VTR) that requires Midi time code, as well as Midi Machine Control to run off of.

When this is correctly sent, Logic should tell the VVTR to go to a specific place, either by entering it directly vid the smpte window in Logic, or even when swiping or moving the timeline frame by frame. BUT in order to do this MMC must be working, and I don't believe it is correctly working (just like it's NOT supposed to send a value of 0 to a CC4 automated track if you hit stop).

1) does anybody know if it is working as it's supposed to, and I'm missing something in the configuration if Logic or VVTR, or do you know of an app that does correctly work with MMC and sent MTC so I can test and verify that Logic is in fact broken.

I know this will sound trivial but have you checked the different parameters in the Preferences/Project Settings? Among others MIDI/Chase for the CC-04 issue.
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Yes I have, and the CC4 thing is a known bug at apple, as I have since discovered.

FYI I do tech for a living and have used Logic since the Mac version 1 was released about 19 years ago :). So, yea, I would have checked the CC reset preferences first thing. Thanks for the suggestion though, it's appreciated. Who knows, I could have missed it... in fact it wouldn't have been the first time.
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