Mobile I/O ULN-2 & 2882 w Motu DP 7


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Hi everyone!
In your opinion and experience, whats the best way to connect the Metric Halo Mobile I/O ULN-2 & 2882 to my MacBook Pro in order to use all available inputs for Multitrack recording? Daisychaining the two boxes via Firewire and connecting the word Clocks or Adats etc. for clocking , right?
Then, - and here is my question - using the "aggregate device" option under Mac OSX or using DPs "multiple audio device" option?
Thanks a lot


I would use DP's multiple audio device option. A lot less latency and fuss. I do this with DP 5.13 all the time. However, for pure capture, I just use the MH record panel.