Logic Pro 9 Mod wheel not having any effect


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Hi there,
My mod wheel has stopped having any effect in Logic 9. I've got Omnisphere loaded up, and even though I can see that the Mod wheel is transmitting on channel 1 in the transport bar, it's not doing anything on patches where it used to have an effect.
There's a symbol in the MIDI activity indicator which I haven't seen before though, which I think may have something to do with it - screenshot attached.
Any help appreciated - thanks!


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The symbol means "Controller"
MIDI channel is 1
Controller number 1 (= Modulation)
Value 60

I assume you get other values too, not only 60? Then everything is ok with your controller.

You may have assigned CC1 to some parameter via Controller Assignments or Quick Access or a keyboard shorcut. Check this in the Controller Assignments window, Expert view. If something is assigned to CC1 the line gets highlighted when you turn your ModWheel.


If only Omnisphere does not react but other plugins do, then you have to search there. I do not have Omninsphere, don't know if CC1 can be permanently blocked or re-mapped to something else.
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Hi Peter,
Thanks so much for the reply - I checked the controller assignments, and all is OK, so I guess it's do with Omnisphere. Will keep digging...
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