Modify the Oboe


I would like to prolong the staccato-samples of the Jam-pack Oboe but have no experience of this type of thing. There is a legato-oboe but it lacks the attack. There is a staccato-oboe with good attack but a short sampling. So can I time-stretch this staccato-sample a bit? I tried to use both sounds on top of each other and it was better but the attack-part is to short and won't really blend in 100%. The Jam-pack Basson I was able to use for solo but the oboe (such a beautiful instrument) is to anonymous. Any tip on how to go about?
You can only timestretch successfully a little bit, say 20 - 30%. Maybe slightly more if there is no vibrato.

The way to do it is not for the inexperienced though.

You should first copy the samples to a new location and/or rename each one (ideally keeping the notes a s part of the names, C3, D#3 etc.

  1. Timestretch in Logic's sample editor
  2. Then create a new exs instrument using these samples.
  3. If looped they will need to be relooped

But it might give you better results to use both sets of samples and try to merge the staccato attack onto the sustain of the legato samples.

Even more fiddly and complex, but it might just work.

Either way there is quite a bit of manual reading to do if you are inexperienced as you say.
Ok, it is in line with what I could imagine doing so I think it's possible. The Q is only if I can get them back properly in a playable new ESX-instrument. Time will tell, I think I'll stretch them as long as possible, that could do well for many situations and also fade them a little to blend in with the legatos.
Some job eh.. Learning to play the oboe is also some job so it's worth the effort. I'm gonna try it.