Logic Pro 9 Modulation controller response

Go to the Clicks and Ports layer of the Environment and cable up a monitor object right after the Physical Input object. See if any mod data is received there.
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Thanks - I did that and the keyboard (Fantom X8) is sending modulation data. So I assume Logic is not receiving - or it is not sending it back to the Fantom.
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If you're not seeing it in the Clicks and ports layer, than Logic is not receiving it, Have you gone through your prefs and project settings to make sure it is not being filtered out?

Also, just to rule out, however unlikely, project corruption: try it in a fresh "empty project" and see if the behavior is any different.
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Check "Automation Quick Access", turn it off if it is on.

And check your Controller Assignments. You might have mapped the modwheel to some parameter or key command. Once something is mapped, you do not see it in Logic anymore. To check, just open the Controller Assignments panel in expert view and move the modwheel. If it is mapped, it will show up and you can delete it.

Mhm, this is about all I know. Together with Eli's suggestions you should find this message unless it vanishes between the keyboard and Logic for some reason.
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