Monitor Size Question



My current monitor is a Dell S2409W 24" flat screen.
It is 6 years old.

I wanted a 27" to go with my late 2012 Mac Mini but my dealer say's the text will be so small it will be difficult to read.

There must be others that use a 27" screen,so I need some advice please.


It depends on the resolution of the monitor, not only on the size.

If the screen is near, you may prefer high resolution, which will most likely be a more or less expensive computer monitor. If the screen is far away, you may rather go for low resolution. Standard TV flatscreens are fine for a big picture.

I do tedious work on the MacBook Pro, for mixing my handful of tracks I go to the Mackie Control and a big coarse TV screen which is more than a meter away. I couldn't read a high resolution monitor over this distance.