Logic Pro 7 & earlier Monitored effects for recording


I'm embarassed to ask such a basic question, but I have yet to figure out how to record with effects (for monitoring only of course) without a weird delay. I have the effect on a plug in of the audio track, and have clicked software monitoring in the Audio drivers section. I get the effect successfully, but I also get a slap of a latency type delay. What am I missing?
You need to set the Buffer size or I/O value in the audio preferences to a value low enough to avoid any very noticeable Latency. Start off by trying 128.

A few years ago we set up a database of real world latency values achieved by Logic users with a variety of audio hardware, logic versions, and BUffer settings. You can find this here. It should help give you an idea of what sort of delays you can expect when monitoring through logic.

What sort of effect are you monitoring with?

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