Logic Pro 8 Mono output object volume/plugs apply to one side only

Steven Rowat


I'm still using Logic 7, so forgive me if this is changed in 8; however, my issue is this:
I'm mixing mono (voice) files, either straight to the mono output object or through a mono bus.

However, if I change the volume of that mono output object, or add effects, they appear to apply to one side only, and the sound skews to one side.

I believe problem is that the bounce, which will be mono, will only produce from the left side (Main out 1), but my monitoring of what's happening seems to be coming from main 1 and 2 both. What I add in the output object doesn't get applied to Main out 2 so in theory it should be muted by Logic; but I hear it anyway.

The only workaround I can think of is doing all effects either in the original track or a bus, and leaving the output object untouched. However, shouldn't I be able to use the mono output object also somehow as part of the process? After all, it's a mono-mono chain; hard to get simpler than that.

Then I could just slap a limiter on it, or whatever, without having to add buses, and without worrying about whether what I'm hearing is what's going to come out in the bounce or not.