Logic Pro X More effects in additional library contents?


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I'm new to LPX. I installed only the essential contents because I am a minimalist and because I don't need additional 70GB of Logic instruments. However, it appears that additional downloadable contents offer additional effects. Case in point: there's an additional item entitled "Reverbs," larger than 2GB in size. Is this a collection of additional reverb algorithms? So, can anyone tell me whether additional contents come with more effects? If so, I might install them (I have a big SSD anyway).


I'm not sure this is the right approach. If you load the orchestral trombones, they might use a certain reverb sample which you may or may not have loaded. Or they might not. Hard to tell, because the library isn't structured that way. The question is not whether you need 70GB of instruments. Or if having them disqualifies you from being a minimalist, given that having a big SSD doesn't either.

So since space isn't an issue, I'd stop worrying and download the complete library (does that make me a completionist ?), then use only the one selected instrument which allows me to comfortably wear my minimalist badge.
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