More EXS24 sounds and melodyne type pitch editing


I Like the orchestration sound on logic and i also like the acoustic drum sound..but for the drum sound it definately needs more velocity hits, especially on the cymbals...left hand right hand sort of hits..

I love the Orchestra sound it has, but it needs a true legato, and glide too..
basically the Exs24 need to be improved..needs more "realistic" sounds. especially on the orchestra instruments, and acoustic drums.
I find logic pro is the best tool for song writing and also producing..It's just faster to write stuff..I just wish that I didn't have to go and use 3rd party virtual instrument, and just use all that comes in logic. it's just easier on the computer.

Oh yeah I also wish they added a Melodyne like featiure for pitch editing..and call it "flex pitch" ...:D

Other than that LOgic pro RULES the world of song writing/composing/producing...some people say it is not as good for editing and mixing..but hey..I've never had problems..:thmbup:

best regards:hippy:
Flex Pitch, I like that. It shouldn't be to far away?
In case you do use Melodyne with Logic I'll do a little run-through of how it can work specific for the Logic platform.

Melodyne Singletrack in Logic
If you set Melodyne Singletrack (as it is called now) as your sample editor of choice in: Logic/preferences/audio/sample editor, it will reside in Logic's option-menu. Select your track and choose Logic's options-menu "Open in Melodyne Singletrack". The track will instantly load into Melodyne and you can edit polyphony. When done, choose save file as audio in Melodyne.
If you save with the same name and location as the original file, the original will be automatically updated in Logic's arrange-window which is pretty sweet :) If you want to get hold of polyphony to separate outputs: select the waveforms that you want and then "invert selection" and temporarily mute all you don't want. Save the file (as above) or with names #1 #2 etc in the audio files folder and un-mute and revert selection back again. You can select and make as many waveforms-files as you like. Open them through Logic's media-browser or just drag them in. That way you can get waveforms to different Tracks/outputs. So basically you can use both the plug-in and the stand alone version simultaneously within Logic.

The drawback with the stand alone version is that Logic can't playback Melodyne Stand Alone, or rather the preferred way around get Logic to follow Melodyne's clock/transport and slave to it but if you know what you want to edit it's still OK. On the other hand, when working in the Melodyne Stand Alone version, all transports and short-cut functions works normally so it's a quick and easy way and you don't have to transfer your material into the plug-in... the files opens instantly through Logic.

PS1. And you can get your audio to MIDI-files from the stand alone version. (Note: now also from the plug-in). Save as MIDI and just drag into the arrange-window.

PS2. This is also a very convenient way to get inside audio Apple-Loops. The MIDI-loops you can already rebuild using Logic's piano-roll and so the audio-loops using Melodyne as above. Drag the loop into Logic's arrange-window and open it in Melodyne Stand alone. However, since Melodyne doesn't read Apple CAF file format, you have to bounce region in place once (which takes about 3 seconds) and load it into Logic/options/Melodyne singletrack. Now you can rebuild an acoustic guitar loop to your hearts desire that suits your needs and further copy and paste it to make it longer and recompose Apple-Loops to fit your Melody. Save in Melodyne with the same name and location and it will replace your file in the arrange-window and automatically update the file information (regardless of file length). If necessary drag the regions right-hand side out to see the entire new file.

PS3. If you like to use Logic's "comping" function to record multiple takes to choose from (let's say 3 takes) you can use Melodyne to edit them all in one go. Do this: when done with your comp-take recording, go to Logic's AUDIO BIN and select your comp-file. Then you can open it in Logic/Options/Melodyne Singletrack or use (shift-W). This will open your 3 multi-takes as one continuous audio with the 3 takes lined up one after the other without any need to transfer them into Melodyne. Now you can clean them up, alter notes, volumes or harmonies and then save the file back in Melodyne (as above) and continue to choose comp-takes normally although with a whole lot better takes to comp.. Should it be that the audio file is not updating properly, use "Update File Information" in Logic's Audio Bin/audio files menu and refresh it manually.

PS4. In that same Melodyne Stand alone window, you can directly drag & drop your own performed audio guitar-file (or any other file) without a transfer process from the Finder since Melodyne Stand alone features drag & drop. Place it where you want and mix and edit them both to taste.
wow cool..didn't know this...i'll try it out asap..but still...something like melodyne editor that comes with logic would be awesome..