Logic Pro 8 (moved) Crossfade questions

What the heck is with the crossfade tool.....I can't get it to work for nothing
I've been using Logic (Creator) since Atari all the way up got 8 in Lep (8core pro) got 7 in Tig but use 6 on OS 9 on a 933 w Sonnet 1700w 32 IO PT 24 Mix plus. I would like to use my $30g new system w my 32 IO Apogees but things seem too flaky. Had the new system since Feb 08 sitting in the corner making drum trks and Melodyn once in a while.......Is it just me or what?
Happy to talk about the crossfade tool, but I think this should be a new thread.

Moderators - move to its own thread? (And also delete this request.)


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Good suggestion Doug - done :)

@hurtygurty - can you tell us what it is that doesn't work for you? FWIW, I use crossfades here all the time.

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Just a shot in the dark here - are you by any chance trying to use it on Apple Loops? That would explain the problem - they don't work on Apple Loops.

Just a guess, seeing as how you mentioned drum programming......
Thankx guys for responding. I'm using a file I imported
which now that I think about it was a mp3 or acc. But I thought Logic converted it to an aiff. Anyway when I grab the crossfade tool I can do a fade in but not out nor can I crossfade the file which I'm splicing out a section and ajoining back but it needs a crossfade. Now I can do it halfass by going up to the top left area where the values are displayed, but even that area is acting intimitantly funky. Buy the way I'm writing this on my iPhone so please excuse any spelling mistakes.
You know I'm doing tons of production day and night and I mean tons, I don't have time for things to be glitchy and iffy. I heard of other pro producers in the same boat as me that can't change over yet to their new systems because of weirdness. Like even melodyne does funny stuff sometimes. I guess I'm looking for pro users to give me a thumbs up, a vote of confidence before I change out my kick ass solid reliable outdated system that has a loopy fit running Sample tank. Oh well I guess I vented it all out thanx for listening. Here's to hoping there's a light at the end.....Peace I'm out!
I think about it was a mp3 or acc. But I thought Logic converted it to an aiff.
Look in the audio bin to check that out. If it didn't, you can do it yourself: Arrange area>audio>convert region. That may solve all your problems.

Using the crossfade tool is a little tricky in that you have to be past the region end when you begin to draw a fade in or fade out.

These features work reliably just about all the time. I do fade ins, out and cross fades regularly without a glitch. Not sure why you're having the problems.

So, wrong file type, bad technique or corrupt session file are my guesses.
Hey Doug thanx I just assumed that when I imported an acc or mp3
that it converted it to a full blown aiff as per my request in pref. It looked like the files were 10x larger mgb wise in the audio bin, but I think your right. I do allot of fades and crossfades in logic 6.3.1 and never a problem ever but then of course I made the conversions in MPecker to aiff first. Hey you know clients these days think mp3s are fine but we gotta deal w it sometimes.
it converted it to a full blown aiff as per my request in pref
I don't know of this preference in Logic 8 - you sure you set this??! (Maybe it's in Logic 6?)

I made the conversions in MPecker
This may be part of the problem - Logic might not be happy with MPecker's conversion - just speculating here.
Mpecker always works great and I only use it in os 9
What I mention was I converted the mp3s and aacs by importing them in Logic 8 in Lep and evidently some, not all of them, have a problem with the crxfd tool. I guess I'll learn the quirks and work around them like always.