Logic Pro (X) Movie Audio Issues in 10.0.6


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Hi... just joined the forum, but a long time Logic user (since Logic 4). I've switched over to LPX on a 10.8.5 iMac, and I'm noticing some issues with the way my movie's audio is playing back.

I stream the audio through an Apogee V-Bus and back into Logic on an Aux, so I don't have to have 100's of copies of the movie's constantly changing audio file littering my system, and because it makes re-syncing to new cuts much faster. I understand that this adds a little bit of latency, but at 128 buffer... I can deal with that.

So... the first issue is that LPX just stops playing the audio every now and then, and the only way to resurrect it is to go into movie settings and adjust the movie volume slider, but that's not a permanent solution.

The other issue is that when I bounce, LPX mutes the movie's audio, so I can't bounce a dialogue burst from before my cue to help the Music Editor keep it in sync with the ever changing cuts.

Have any of you experienced the same issue or have any workaround? If I upgraded to 10.9 would that fix it?

Or, does anyone have a better way to deal with movie audio when you're working with 40+ cues per movie file and new cuts every few days?