Logic Pro 9 Movie Display Issue

I have a 1080p projector and I would like to project HD video from Logic.

I am running Logic 9.1 on my 2009 Mac Pro which has the std video card with a DVI port and a mini-DVI port.

When I connect the projector to either of those ports, it automatically displays the main screen of my mac, not the second screen and there is no option in video prefs to play only the picture out of either video port. (I think this used to be an option no?)

a) Do I need to buy an additional video card?
b) Will logic support 1080p quicktimes?

Thanks in advance for reading this, I really appreciate it and would value any suggestions.
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yes you can..... sort of.
in the OS Preferences there is a Display tab, go to it and arrange/drag your monitors to be side by side and not ontop of eachother (mirrored). then in Logic drag your video to the 'other' screen, the one hooked to the projector. Its really an extended desktop by using the built in graphics card, and playing a quicktime within it. If you control click on the movie you can make it go full screen.
If you want your video to strictly play 'full screen' on the projector, you might need to get an additional video card (I use in one of my rooms a Blackmagic Intensity Pro PCIe HDMI card, ca. $300.00, its an HDMI in and Out capture card so it might be overkill for your purpose, my other suites use a Canopus ADVC 110 firewire Video I/O box ca. $250.00. Great for SD video (Standard Def 16:9) they offer an HD box but I forget the model)
All in all, once the OS sees a card or box as a video Output unit, within Logic in the video prefs you can tell it to output the sessions' movie out that unit. you'll have to tweak your sync offsets, check with the manufacturer for details.
Good Luck
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That is just the info I was looking for. I really appreciate it.

I have a canopus box on my other machine but it does not handle HD and I need something better to put up on the big screen.

I am looking at the other products canopus make and researching HD video cards.

Thank you very much.

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