Logic Pro (X) Moving a region to another track causes pitch changes


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Hello, I saves a Logic Pro 9 project as a Logic Pro X and everything works fine untill I move or copy a region to another track. Then the pitch of that region drops by half a tone and some distortion is there. When I do Bounce in Place, then that problem is solved. Any suggestions what could cause this?
You know, the same thing happened to me my first day with Logic X. I brought in an old Project, messed around a bit, and found I couldn't move regions onto different tracks without pitch shifting going on.

Check your Flex settings. Enable Flex View, and make sure Flex Pitch (or any other Flex algorithm for that matter) is off on all the tracks.
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Thank you Eli. This all is very strange. But finally I understand now: When I turn flexmode ON for a track, then I turn OFF Flex for the region and then again I turn flexmode OFF for that track, then all is fine. I still don't get it, but this works at least! I am though happy with the X version. Logic improved!
Again: thanks for the hint. From the Netherlands, Marc
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I seem to recall it was the same here when I had that problem. Toggling flex on/off in its various locations.

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Sounds like you've got a wokr-around.

Things can be a little quirky in LX and hopefully will get worked out with later releases.

I think bringing projects in from L9 has caused more weird stuff for me than starting a fresh project in LX.
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