Logic Pro 9 moving audio between files in logic


hey there, a couple of years ago i asked this question concerning logic 7, but received no real satisfactory answer. i'm hoping thing's have changed now that we're all dealing with 8 and 9...

so if i have a large, large session i'm working with, and i need to record a singer, i'll often track the vocalist over a bounce of the large session (or stems) in a separate logic file. Then i cherry pick the right takes, usually save the regions i like with different names (or export all the audio as tracks if i'm not concerned about going between aif and wav), and import them into the original logic session.

However, this is quite cumbersome. Is there a way to drag and drop my edited audio from one file to another? maybe something i could do with the bin, or with project folders? i just don't want to do digital mixdowns anymore (like exporting), and i don't want to have to hunt for the right place in the playhead to put a previously saved region.

thanks for the help



Seems like a perfect task for the new project import function in Logic 9.
Press the Media button at the top right of the Logic window, then press the Browser tab and then find the project you want to import data from. Double click that project file and you are presented with import options (also plug-ins, automation, etc.).
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Very cool. In the old days I would pack audio of the vox's into a folder, take a note of what bar it starts on, copy, load the other session, paste to a folder track.
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