Logic Pro 9 moving controller data with notes


let's say you recorded some melody together with expression and you want to move some notes back and forth a bit to correct your recording. the problem i have in logic pro 9 (i use the piano roll for this) is that the expression data does not move along with the notes I move (Only velocity data moves with the notes actually) so all the alignment between notes and expression data recorded (moving faders,pedals, etc) is lost.

how do you go about this in logic ?

Simplest way I can think of is to identify and select the notes with your usual approach in the piano editor then hit e to open the event editor. You should see the same notes selected there that you selected in piano roll. From there use shift + click to also select the cc data in the same range and then drag the numerical clock pile colum +/- as required.

Depending on the range of selection it may also be quicker to use the marquee tool in the arrange area to select and isolate a separate region and slide that using the delay parameter in the region information box.
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1. If there are not any other midi events ( which are different from Note & CC11) in the region in question, you can just use the scissors to cut the (sub region in question) and move it to the place you want which will move both events together.
2. Another method is using the Hyper Edit which is a multi definition lane editor:
- Select the region and open the Hyper Edit. If you see only Note events just select any other definition lane in the default Hyperset go the Inspector to the left, change the lane "Status" to Control, check the definition number box labeled as "-1-" below and set the definition # to 11 to the right so you can see CC11 only on that lane.
- Shift select the note events plus the Expression events in the both lanes or Shift select both track lanes which will select the events.
- Hit (Command + X) to cut the events, place the Playhead to the place you want to move the events and paste (Cmpd+V) the events there.

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