Logic Pro 7 & earlier moving data from one stereo channel to the other


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Hey folks, I suspect this is pretty stupid but it's late and I can't figure this out.... I've inherited a audio for video project, and some parts have audio on the left channel only and I want to duplicate the data on the right channel effetively creating mono for those particular sections. I'm sure there's an elegant way to do this, perhaps quickly wiring up the right sort of environment objects or something, without going to the trouble of bouncing to mono tracks and back to stereo. I've poked around in the manual to no avail...

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Place a gain plugin on the stereo channel and then automate the mono switch on and off where required. By viewing the audio waveform in arrange you can al most do this kind of task by eye.
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Paul's idea is great - here's another one:

What about just cutting the regions at the points where the audio is only on one channel, and then dragging those sections onto a mono track.
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and that..!

Yep, and this may be a little easier than dragging automation points around!

This isn't one of those rocket science questions, was looking to satisfy the unnecessary but elegant aesthetic of keeping everything on one track, figured there had to be a simple plug-in for such a simple thing, and was really needing the five hours of sleep I finally got last night....

Thanks, y'all...

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