Logic Pro 9 Moving from MBP to Mac Pro with 9.1.4


I have a MBP that has Logic on it as well as Apple content such as Jam Packs and my 3rd party plugs. Fortunately, all my 3rd party sample content is on an external drive, so that should be a matter of establishing new data paths. After a good deal of review of posts from Logic/Mac gurus here, I guess I'm going to do a fresh Snow L install and then just feed the new Mac Pro with all the DVD's of Logic and my Plugs like Ivory, then go get updates for everything. Tedious but professional I gather. One thing I'm wondering about is my own user stuff. I don't think I know enough about my computer's file structure to be able to hand pick and transfer everything of my own from projects to templates to plug settings. Can Migration Asst be of any help at some point in this way after I get everything running?
I know it's going to be worth it having the 8 core Nehalem with 4 drives, but I'm fretting. I have a query in to Synthogy about how to do the RAID 0 for Ivory.

Any tips on how to add one's personal files, I mean my projects and settings, templates, etc? Is there an old post or manual/help page explaining how to cherry pick the user material and transfer it? To be honest, I've never fully grokked on where all my stuff lives. New puter comes today. Thanks people. I've already learned a lot by studying here. It's always been worrisome to me to move to a new computer, but I'm preparing for a 64 bit world.
Check at the next thread titled :
"Very Confused about logic app support folder system"

This will inform you about where your own produced stuff is hidden.

Normally there is the "root directory" of your computer (which normally is under "This Mac" arborescence file hierarchy), and there is the "user directory" (normally your name) (which is included under the "This Mac" arborescence hierarchy. What the "user directory" contains is mostly what you have produced or generated while using your computer.

I know this is kind of confusing, but once you get the gist of it, everything then appears very clear and logical... BTW, the logical is similar on various OS (Mac, PC, Linux, etc...)
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