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I need some advice on this....I've had Logic Pro 9 for a number of years and did several key projects in them. I remember my Logic Pro 9 instal was about 30GB of space of my hard drive and contained so many sound banks which contributed to the sonic variety inside my projects....I want to move to Logic Pro X as I don't have my Logic Pro 9 installed on my Mac (Having done a pause from music for a number of years) Coming back to it, I am wondering if I will be able to open my old projects of Logic Pro 9 into Logic Pro X and if I will have to same tools and potential I had with Logic Pro 9. What about the sound quality? How come the install is now so small compared to what it used to be with Logic Pro 9? Are the samples more compressed? Did they remove some of the virtual instruments available in version 9? In my projects, I relied a lot on the virtual instruments of Logic Pro 9! Will they be available in Logic Pro X? These are the questions and doubts I am having? Please let me know what you think? I hope I won't need to reinstall Logic Pro 9 and have both versions on my Macbook Pro as I hate overburdening my system with too much softwares.....My Macbook Pro 13 dates from 2010...Maybe it's time to change to a new one but I'm putting my money in the softwares right now!!


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Logic Pro X will open your Logic 9 sessions; there may be some tweaking to recover certain sounds. The reason the install is so much smaller is that after you install Logic Pro X and boot it up, it asks you if you want to download and install the sounds, and when you say yes, there's a long download/install process that follows. There are a few Logic 9 sounds that seem to have been left out, but I believe other users have reported that they have been able to link them up from their old Logic 9 files. The one thing you should know before taking the plunge is that the first thing you should do after installing is to go into Preferences and turn on "Show Advanced Tools" otherwise you'll think you've installed Logic Lite!
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