MPC X Sampler in Controller Mode inside Logic

I was wondering if anyone here knew the proper hardware and MPC Software settings to use my PT01 Scratch through my MPC X in Controller Mode which I have open inside of LOGIC.

I have My Numark PT01 Line Outs going to the Line Inputs of my Vestax Mixer. The Vestax Mixer Line Outs are going to Line Inputs 3 and 4 of my Mackie 1202, VLZ Pro. The Main Outs of the Mackie are going into Line 1 and 2 inputs of my MPC X. I have the Control Room of the Mackie 1202 going into Source 3/4 of my Mackie Big Knob Studio Plus. In my MPC X Software I have it set to Audio Track, Sampler Mode, Input set at 1 and 2, but I do not receive any signal.

I do receive and hear audio the way I have it connected but no signal is coming to my MPC X.

Can someone please advise or assist?