Logic Studio apps MS 2.1.1 bug - backout to 2.1? How?

I have the unpredictable behavior with snap to "wait for marker" which is a show stopper for me (back to Live :confused:)

I need to back out MS to the version before 2.1.1 but I'm new to Macs.How do I do that please?
I've never gone backwards - at least in software revisions ;)

Maybe someone on the forum has done this before and can advise. Or, perhaps contact Apple?
Well if you re-install MS from your DVD you will get the older version, if it is so important to you that you are willing to go through the installation process.
It won't help in this particular case, but for the future, the easiest way to ensure being able to revert to a previous version is to copy the app to another location on your Mac, rename it and move it back. Alternatively, George Leger III made the very sensible suggestion to zip the app prior to updating.

If you have time machine running, you could use that to revert back to the previous version

kind regards