Logic Pro 9 MTC in Logic 9



i am new to these forums... so excuse if i ask some pretty obvious stuff but

i have two Yamaha MD4S's - theyre mini disc recorders, we use them live for backing tracks and i was hoping to sync them to Logic so obviously we can have MIDI coming out of the mac, and into synths etc etc

i activated Midi Time Code on the MD4S, out of the MIDI out into the MIDI in my M-Audio Fast Track 2x2 USB 2.0 soundcard -

i tick the boxes in logic to automatically accept MTC and what frame rate, even tho i know the MD4S should be 30 frames/second

so when i start the MD4S playing... Logic starts playing but it seems stuck at - 8 0 0 1 - the milliseconds, i think it is - is going over and over but it doesn't progress past there

i was wondering if anyone had had any similar problems or new any fixes?

I got this same -8 thing because my MPC didn't like Logic starting at 1:00:00:00. Try changing the start time to 00:00:00:00 and it should work.

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aahhh thanx a lot for that! it's worked...

maybe someone can help me out with my next question,

on the MD4S, we have songs... so for each song, if i were to use Logic with it - would i have to load up a new project after every song?
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