MU100R – wireless wind controller setup + SysEx?

Peter Ostry

Staff member
Can somebody help with a MIDI setup please?

I play a wind controller wireless via CME WIDI boxes to a Yamaha MU100R. Below is the basic setup and it works very good:


But I need also SysEx from Logic. The MU100R has two MIDI ports, A+B. They seem to be completely independent, playing on port A and sending SysEx to port B does not change the sound. Can I tell the MU100R to accept this?

Another possibility would be to send the SysEx via cable to the WIDI receiver that is attached to the MU100R. But so far I can tell the box doesn't work as a merger. Did anyone manage to get radio and cable input through a WIDI box without using USB?

Here are the two setups which don't work for me:


I tried with a third WIDI box to reach the same port as the wind controller but this is unstable.

Do I need a merge box?


Any other idea how I can keep the direct connection
from the wind controller and send SysEx to the synth?
As I recall, the "side" (A or B) is specified in the SysEx message. So, channelized data like notes, CC, PB, etc will rechannelize depending on the input you're plugged into but not SysEx which codes the "part" (channel + "side") into the message. At least for part level SysEx.

If you need help changing the SysEx, let me know...PM or email is probably best.