Logic Pro X Multi-Instrument 15 Bank Limit


I'm brand new to Logic Pro and using it with a MIDI lighting dimmer pack that contains 46 banks of effects patches.

I understand, I think, that in order for Logic to display program names for all the effects patches, I need to create multiple (likely three) multi-instruments and fill in names for 15 banks per multi-instrument. I assume this means I'll need to have several tracks for the same "instrument," each able to display 15 of the 46 banks.

What I don't understand is how to access all of the banks if each multi-instrument uses only banks 0-14. Is there a way to set bank numbers for each successive multi-instrument so that the second one starts at bank 15, the third at 31, etc.?

More to the point: How does one show/select program names for an instrument with more than 15 banks? I've tried to find anything in documentation and forums, and I can't figure out how using multiple iterations of instruments works. Any suggestion or direction would be appreciated.


Is there a way to set bank numbers for each successive multi-instrument so that the second one starts at bank 15, the third at 31, etc.?
Right now I'm away of Logic so I'll improvise on the fly.
I think you can do that this way in case you have create 3 Multi Instruments:
1. The 1st Multi offers up to 14 banks (not 15). It sends Bank message Control Change 0 values 0-14 followed by a Program Change message. Keep this multi as it is.
2. Select the 2nd Multi Instrument object in the Environment, go to Options ->Define Custom Bank (something like that). A dialog (like Event List) will appear where you will see 14 Banks. Press Command + A to select all events there. Place your mouse pointer onto the "Val" column and increase the top 0 value to value 15 (all values will increase in parallel so the last value will go to 29).
3. Do the same procedure with the 3rd Multi but increase 0 to 30 to push all values up etc.


Thanks, Tangra. I knew it had to do with the custom banks but I couldn't quite get the process. I'll follow this procedure. Your reply is much appreciated.


I have created the custom banks for each multi-instrument, but I cannot find a way to display banks numbered higher than 14 in the Arrange window or an Event List.

Example: Right now, my second multi-instrument is using custom bank messages (Bank values have been set to 15-29). In order to access them in an event list or the arrange window, however, I have to select bank 0 (which sends 15) through 14 (which sends bank 29). I'd love to find a way to send bank 29 by selecting "num" 29 in the event list.

I've tried matching the Bank Position numbers with the bank values when creating custom bank messages to no avail.

Can anyone please help me make sense of this?