Logic Pro (X) Multi Midi Track Recording/ Port Assignments Troubleshooting


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  • Drivers may not be up to Mavericks yet
  • Midi Studio under System Preferences appears to see each device without allowing port selection
Logic Pro X ALLOWS soft selection of Midi Ports via tracks ... but still appears to require a physical change from the device ....
... or from firmware or drivers which may or may not exist to all controllers.

  • Whether there are good, better, best solutions ... to avoid re setting up ports and controllers every time they're switched on.
  • Whether 10.7 is the best for Midi Controller Drivers
  • Whether PORT SELECTION can be saved, and pick up where it left off after the machine is switched off.
I am looking to run a stable "set and forget" Multi Midi Controller setup ( from 4 controllers up to 16) running on separate midi ports.

Whilst I haven't been particularly concerned about the brands, with M-Audio apparently not releasing drivers on schedule and questions about other Midi Controller drivers, I'm left with gear which will ONLY work on Midi Port 1 ...
,,, which when trying to Multi Midi Track is impossible, or having to somehow retrograde to 10.7 or 10.8 ... which isn't easy to do.

What I really want, whether it be Korg or Yamaha or Novation or Behringer or Akai are controllers which once set will remain on their selection ports UNTIL I change them.

So for example, I have Korg Micro ... but Midi Studio won't select the ports. Novation Impulse only became useful when the port was HARD SELECTED from the device ... not software selected.

Your question is strangely worded!
I have no idea what you are saying.

Here's what I suggest, verify the drivers FIRST.
Mavericks requires 64 bit drivers.

Then ask ONE question, but supply the specific info on your hardware, and Mac.

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I am sorry if it is strangely worded.

A stable Multi Controller setup is the goal, without having to reprogram and reset every time I start up.

I will ensure the drivers are 64 bit, and let you know if that makes the difference.

Mac mini i7 Quad Core Fusion 1.12T, 16GM RAM, OSX 10.9.1, Apollo Quad, Korg Micro, Novation LaunchPad
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No, this problem has been long standing. My current controllers are Korg micro, Novation and M-Audio.

But I would prefer to control the Midi ports via the software alone ... rather than any port settings on the actual controllers.
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